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The Redeeming Hearts Facility

Redeeming Hearts Facility Front

The Redeeming Hearts facility is located in a beautiful neighborhood in the City of Corona, California. The facility will home for up to 5 young women during the 9 months of their pregnancy.

The fully furnished facility features:

Three bedrooms and two full bathrooms; a fully equipped kitchen; a washer and dryer; a large living room; a gated back yard with patio and lawn furniture; central heating and air conditioning; and a classroom with three computers and desks to be used for continued education and computer classes.

The fully functional kitchen is available to each of the young women to cook meals during their stay. We will also provide cooking classes, so that each of the young women, will know how to create healthy, home cooked meals, when they graduate. The large gated backyard is a great place to relax during the day.

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