If you are a teen girl or young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and need a place to stay, then Redeeming Hearts is the place for you. Redeeming Hearts was created to offer support where it is needed most. Our live-in program provides emotional, practical, and physical help for young women who are either homeless, are living in an abusive situation during their pregnancy.

The purpose of Redeeming Hearts is to help you, “the mother to be,” know the options available to you.

At Redeeming Hearts we offer the following services:

  • A place to stay during your pregnancy
  • Pregnancy education
  • Health and nutrition education
  • Family counseling
  • Adoption counseling and assistance
  • Help with life skills such as, cooking, cleaning, personal care etc.
  • Assistance with continuing your education
  • Child Birth Classes
  • Parenting Classes
  • Spiritual growth Classes
  • A trained live-in house mother will also provide guidance

Redeeming Hearts is a live-in program that serves up to 5 young woman at a time. Our program is free of charge for those who participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Redeeming Hearts located?

Redeeming Hearts was created to meet the need for a live-in program in the Corona/Riverside communities. The actual address of our facility is not given to the general public. However, our P.O. Box address is available on our contact page.

Who can participate in the program?

We are currently serving young girls ages 15 and above. If you are a young woman aged 15 or above facing an unplanned pregnancy, and don’t have a safe place to stay, please give us a call.

I live outside of Corona/Riverside. Can I still participate in the program?

Yes! While our primary goal is to serve the Corona/Riverside communities, we will not turn away a teen girl or young woman in need based on her geographic location.

Is the program really free to those who participate?

Yes, the Redeeming Hearts program is free to those who participate. Redeeming Hearts is a registered charity, and is supported by donations from individuals, church organizations and businesses who believe in our cause.

I would like to offer my baby up for adoption can you help?

Yes we can help. Redeeming Hearts partners with licensed adoption agencies that will provide legal and emotional support for the mother, and assist in the process with the adoption attorney. This is a difficult decision, so after the birth of the baby, the mother will receive additional support, and counseling at Redeeming Hearts live-in facility.

What if my question is not answered in this section?

If you have a question that is not answered in this section please give us a call. You can reach us at 951.818.8811. Or, if you prefer, send us an message on our contact page.

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